Contact me

Fill out the form, e-mail me, or call me with your name, company, location address, phone number, e-mail, and scope of work requesting.

Introduction and setting up location shoot

I will contact you to introduce myself, discuss scope of work and set up date and time for location shoot, I will need at least a week in advance before location shoot to avoid any scheduled conflicts. Most shoots will be between Monday and Thursday. I will check for FAA requirements for flying at your location address. Some of the locations that are in controlled airspace may require a waiver/authorization to fly in.

Day of Shoot

I will meet with you or active representative at property location. Review and discuss the results you are wanting to get from the aerial or ground photo / video shoot. A walk around property to identify any possible safety concerns.

Property / Photo Release

The property owner or active representative will need to sign a property / photo release before any video or pictures will be taken. A copy can be sent by e-mail to be signed before location shoot.

Aerial and Ground Photography

I will set up equipment to take photos and video. Review Safety precautions. Once a pre-flight check is complete, aerial and ground operations can commence. Usually in and out within an hour depending on scope of work.

End of location shoot

After all aerial or ground photos / videos have been taken, all equipment will be packed up and removed from property.

Post Production

Within 24-48 hours,  you will be sent a Dropbox Link to the email provided for your edited photos and/or video clips for you to review and download. Also a phone call notifying you the email link was sent.


An invoice will be sent to the email provided, or mail.


Forms of payment include: Cash, Credit Card, Check, or PayPal.